Got VNC? : VNC-roulette [Script]

.. so I had some spare time and I wanted to share with you guys something cool !
I built a tool with same concept as the vncroulette website which has been put offline.

To search for open VNC servers then login, if no authentication is required take a screenshot then save it and move to the next IP, simply simple huh !


I ran it against Algerian IPs and it found this :

A database server for “Afropharm”, a pharma company.

I wish not to disclose the full results, you have the tool now run it at your own risk.


-Python :
-vncsnapshot :
-masscan :

Usage :

Usage: [option]
-[filename.txt]: grab list of IP ranges from filename.txt
-[world]: Scan all IPv4 range/the world.

[filename.txt] structure:

IPv4_start - IPv4_end
IP2v4_start - IP2v4_end
IPnv4_start - IPnv4_end

Screenshots will be saves to a “screencaps/” folder, make sure that’s existing and writable within the directory where the script is located, the screenshots are saved in the format “ip.jpg”.

Click HERE to download, thank you all !

PS: The code will be added to my GitHub later on.

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3 thoughts on “Got VNC? : VNC-roulette [Script]

  1. math919 says:

    Welcome back nesro , it’s very nice to see you posting again (y)

  2. ilo.anbu says:

    long time no see bro , maybe sometime we could co–op on something new
    keep the forking and have a good time
    fi aman ALLAH

  3. elictrojan says:

    روعة يمكن اداء نفس الهجوم بمحرك شودان 😉

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